Jan 23, 2011

Say 'hola' to Mexican contingent at Chingay

Fiesta comes to Chingay 2011, with a Mexican contingent appearing for the first time. -- ST PHOTO

CHINGAY 2011 will get some fiesta flavour from a Mexican contingent appearing for the first time.

Contingent organiser Claudia Gonzalez de Villegas said that her husband, Mexico's Ambassador to Singapore, will lead her country's parade contingent. She was speaking at the Chingay dress rehearsal press conference on Saturday.

Ambassador Antonio Villegas will be followed by his countrymen dressed in native costume and tossing a burning ball with hockey stick-like gear.

Stiltwalkers and folk dancers from Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula will also participate.

The Mexican delegation is the latest addition to the parade as it becomes more international.

This year, there will be a dragon dance performance from Xi'an, China; gymnasts from Denmark; traditional dancers from Sri Lanka and Egypt; and cheerleaders from Taiwan. Indonesia and Japan.

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